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Less Than Eleven Months Until The End, My Friend

article from January 26, 2012
By Jamie Douglas

...And everyone wants to get in on it.

As most Westerners know, your pets don’t have a soul, so they will not be able to accompany you in the coming Rapture on December 21, 2012. I have already offered to be a refuge for all those pets left behind, in exchange for believers leaving me all their worldly goods. (See the PayPal “Donate” button on this page!)

The government of Mexico has announced plans to take advantage of the so-called Mayan Prophecy to bring hordes of tourists on a Doomsday vacation of a lifetime to all the Mayan sites. In spite of the denial of the elders of the current Mayan people that the date carries such significance, those living in the affected areas fear that Doomsday tourism could contaminate their sacred sites by thousands of tourists with their digital cameras at the ready, time-and-date stamp and all.

Artemio Kaamal, general coordinator of Kuxa’ano’on, which is Mayan for “we live,” stated that the government failed completely to consult with the indigenous peoples of the region. Mexican President Felipe Calderón has allocated US$49 million to promote the Maya World Program, which it is hoped will lure some 52 million tourists to the Mesoamerican region. Of course, all the other prophecies proclaiming the coming Apocalipsii have come and gone, with the various prophets having returned to obscurity. Remember the good Revered Camping? He predicted The End with absolute certainty, not once but twice – talk about stamina for a 90-year-old man!

The simple fact is that on December 21, 2012, a cycle of 144,000 days in the Mayan calendar will end, and another will begin. The current cycle started August 11, 3114 BC, about 1,300 years before the advent of the Mayans.

The believers in this end-of-the-world scenario would be just as justified in proclaiming the end of the world at the end of the year, decade, century or millennium. Remember the year 2000, when thousands sold or gave away all their worldly goods? Or the millennium computer bug that was going to make airplanes fall out of the sky? Well, we are still here as a species, and once again, I urge you to click on the “Donate” button to send me whatever you can spare, so that we may go around taking care of all the soulless pets that will be left behind.

Jamie Douglas
San Rafael, Mendoza

[Image of Pyramid of Kukulcán, Chichen Itza, Mexico via Wikipedia]

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